Bud Shaver wants to resign as Metro Gang Strike Force Board chairman, but nobody wants the job


Bud Shaver wants out. The chair of the Metro Gang Strike Force Advisory Board has tried for the second month in a row to resign his position during a meeting of the board, but when he called for a volunteer to take his place, nobody answered.

The Metro Gang Strike Force Advisory Board is still active despite the ignominious breakup of the actual Metro Gang Strike Force. It's no surprise that Shaver tried to resign, considering the Board's purpose now is mostly in cleaning up the garbage left by the corrupt unit.

According to Shaver, city manager John Remkus encouraged him to step down; Remkus says that's less about the poor reputation of the Strike Force and more that he worries Shaver has been overworked. From the Strib:

City manager John Remkus said Wednesday that it had less to do with the Strike Force than about Shaver working 12-hour days. "Bud has been overextended for a long, long time, and I told him to back off," Remkus said.

We know we won't be raising our hands to volunteer anytime soon.