Bucky Badger loses his head at a house party

Bucky Badger got his head back
Bucky Badger got his head back

Bucky Badger lost his head for a while during a Madison house party on Sunday.

One of the seven students who plays the University of Wisconsin mascot left the 28-pound costume topper laying around. When he woke up the next day, it was gone.

The student went to Madison police to report that Bucky's head was missing, and it was valued at about $4,000. He didn't want to press charges, though. He just wanted the darned thing back, no questions asked, before he had to cough up the money to replace the thing.

Luckily for the student, there's not much a thief can do with a monstrous, red, white and furry badger head built of carbon fiber that everyone in town recognizes. Can't sell it, because no one would buy it. Can't wear it around town on a lark. Might as well return the thing.

And that's what happened. On Tuesday, Bucky's head showed up safe and sound.

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