Buckle up or get busted; Primary seat belt law starts Tuesday


Wearing your seat belt while riding in a car has long been the law in Minnesota, but it will be easier for cops to bust you for breaking the law starting at midnight Tuesday.

The seat belt law will become a primary offense in Minnesota, which means police can now pull you over for a suspected seat belt violation. In the past, officers had to have another violation to pull you over before they could cite you for failing to buckle up.

The law worries some who say it will now allow cops to racially profile drivers.

More from Minnesota Public Radio:

Many black Minnesotans fear it will give police more reason to single them out on the roads and worsen what some contend is racial profiling under the guise of traffic law enforcement.

"We get pulled over all the time, just because of the color of our skin," said Erica Whitaker from St. Paul.

Whitaker said her grandmother was killed in a car accident. She said it doesn't take a law to get her to put her seat belt on.

"I think it's just another reason to pull us over. I think its just an excuse," she said.

A seat belt ticket will cost you $25.