Bryant McKinnie was really, really bad with money while with Vikings

Former Vikings offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie has been ordered to immediately pay back a $4.3 million loan he took from Pro Player Funding on the eve of last year's NFL lockout.

In court, Pro Player Funding argued that after he was cut from the Vikings last August, McKinnie missed a payment, triggering a clause in the loan requiring him to immediately pay back the full amount plus interest. A judge recently ruled in favor of the company, which specialized in "lockout loans" tailored for players worried they'd miss paychecks during the NFL's work stoppage.

TMZ reports that McKinnie's loan "was VERY high risk... with high interest rates and a clause that allowed PPF to call in the entire amount due if Bryant missed ONE payment."

McKinnie is known as a free-spending, food-lovin' party animal. Though Pro Player Funding's "lockout loans" were intended to help players make ends meet if games were cancelled and paychecks were missed, it appears McKinnie may have needed the loan just to cover his lavish lifestyle last winter.

From Pro Football Talk:

McKinnie partied it up with Lil' Kim last offseason. He should've let her pick up the tab.
McKinnie partied it up with Lil' Kim last offseason. He should've let her pick up the tab.

Any player who took out a "lockout loan" is in serious need of financial counseling. The lockout didn't cancel any games and therefore the lockout didn't cost any players any game checks. A player whose financial situation is so precarious that the mere possibility of losing a paycheck had him scrambling to find a loan has made horrible decisions with his money. And a player like McKinnie, who made tens of millions of dollars in his nine years with the Vikings, should have enough money socked away that he never has to take out a loan again for the rest of his life.

Just last week, reports circulated that McKinnie's new team, the Baltimore Ravens, is unhappy with his fatness and wants him to lose weight before next season. With a judge ordering McKinnie to pay back his ill-advised loan pronto, McKinnie now has 4.3 million reasons to get his butt in shape.

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