Bryant McKinnie Volunteers and So Can You

Jonathan Kaminsky is a push-over. Me? Not so much. I am extremely picky about what I will and will not be guilted into recommending. While researching Thanksgiving Day volunteering options for A-List, I stumbled across an organization, People Serving People, that has an unexpected need for volunteers for their Wednesday November 21st Thanksgiving Toss, which they are throwing (pun intended) from 5:45 to 7:45. Perhaps it was that People Serving People is the largest provider of emergency shelter for families with children in the Twin Cities. Perhaps it was that a toss seems like a festive way to spend the day before Thanksgiving. Or perhaps it was that Vikings offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie will be the celebrity guest at the toss. Regardless, it seemed like a blotter-worthy call for volunteers. And don’t worry, other than the one they serve up for dinner, no actual turkeys will be harmed at this event. Step up; call 612.277.0256