Brutal treatment of pigs at Minnesota hog farm secretly filmed by employee [VIDEO]

As is the case at many other hog farms, pigs at Rosewood are kept in cramped crates.

As is the case at many other hog farms, pigs at Rosewood are kept in cramped crates.

With the help of an employee who was secretly working for them, animal rights group Mercy for Animals recently published an undercover video showing the brutal treatment of pigs at a hog farm in Pipestone, Minnesota.

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The video shows piglets getting castrated without anesthesia and slammed to death on the floor, among other brutalities.

[jump] Luke Minion, CEO of Pipestone Management Co., the company that owns Rosewood, doesn't deny the footage is legitimate but says the practices are a standard part of the pork production process.

From the Star Tribune:

Luke Minion, CEO of the Pipestone Management Co., said piglets are euthanized because they are sickly enough that they won't survive otherwise. They may have breathing problems or broken bones.

Euthanasia through blunt force is approved by the National Pork Producers Council, and when done correctly is "very fast and pain free," he said. Piglets are castrated and "tailed docked" in order "to prevent them from suffering later in life," Minion said. For instance, pigs often chew each others tails.

Mercy for Animals used the footage to persuade authorities to obtain a search warrant and investigate Rosewood, but the sheriff's office ultimately decided against pursuing criminal charges, the Strib reports.

Here's the graphic footage, which was originally posted on a site called Walmart Cruelty (a tagline above the video says, "The hidden cost of Walmart's pork"):

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