Brunch of Champions: 1/1

A hazy, post-New Year's edition of Breakfast of Champions today. We're posting late not because of the obvious, but because I wanted to get the new issue up on the site before the daily catalog of new Web content.

This already dismantles my New Year's resolution of "two fresh items on the site every day by 9 a.m.", but everybody gets one mulligan, right? And what better day to take one's mulligan than the first of the year?


Where did you watch the ball drop? Daniel Corrigan was at First Avenue for the Solid Gold New Year's, and has the photo slideshow to prove it.

Featured content from the print edition concludes our 2007 in Review. A host of voices identifies the Artists of the Year, in parts one and two of a long series.

Artisan cheese is the topic of Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl's new piece on Shepherd's Way Farms. Also, check out Quinton Skinner's list of the best theater of 2007.

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