Bruce Schneier wants your TSA logos. Free door prizes

Bruce Schneier wants your TSA logos. Free door prizes

With the crotch bomber awaiting his fate, local Somalis likely to be caught in a nightmare of extra airport hassles and the president in a knot over what appears to be a petty robust communication breakdown at the CIA regarding how said bomber was ever allowed to board a U.S.-bound passenger jet, Minnesota's very own fly in the ointment of airline security platitudes is ready to lampoon the Transportation Safety Administration. Again.

Playing off an idea posted at, Bruce Schneier is proposing a design competition for a new TSA logo. Attention designers: he wants serious, acerbic wit.

I'm announcing the TSA Logo Contest. Rules are simple: create a TSA logo. People are welcome to give ideas in the comments, but only actual created logos are eligible to compete. (When my website administrator wakes up, I'll ask him how we can post images in the comments.) Contest ends on February 6th. Winner receives copies of my books, copies of Patrick Smith's book, an empty 12-ounce bottle labeled "saline" that you can refill and get through any TSA security checkpoint, and a fake boarding pass on any flight for any date.

Maybe there's some way to work a misinformed explosives-sniffing dog into the artwork.

Here's Schneier on air travel safety today:

Air travel survived decades of terrorism, including attacks which resulted in the deaths of everyone on the plane. It survived 9/11. It'll survive the next successful attack. The only real worry is that we'll scare ourselves into making air travel so onerous that we won't fly anymore. We won't be any safer -- more people will die in car crashes resulting from the increase in automobile travel, and terrorists will simply switch to one of the millions of other targets -- and we won't even feel any safer. It's frustrating; terrorism is rare and largely ineffectual, yet we regularly magnify the effects of both their successes and failures by terrorizing ourselves.

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