Brown County Republicans debate "Mexican trucks"

"Mexican trucks" will go uninspected in Brown County
"Mexican trucks" will go uninspected in Brown County

Brown County Republicans met this weekend to vote for delegates to the Republican congressional district convention and the Republican state convention.

The Brown County GOP also "voted on Republican party platforms to suggest from the proposals submitted at the February caucuses," according to the New Ulm Journal.

One of the proposals submitted by a Brown Party caucus-goer involved "Mexican Trucks," which drew "equal parts confusion, debate and concern" from the assembled Republicans.

What, exactly, is a "Mexican truck"?

The proposal read as follows:

"Inspect all Mexican trucks for illegal drugs or aliens to help with the border war on drugs."

That suggestion raised a number of questions for delegates, the New Ulm Journal reports, including "whether 'Mexican trucks' were supposed to mean trucks coming from Mexico or truck driven by Hispanics."

The leaders of the party weren't able to help confused voters, either, since they are "required to present caucus submissions verbatum."

More substantive questions were raised by some of the Republicans who considered the suggested party platform. They wondered if the proposal "violated discrimination laws."

The bill had supporters, too: some present "argued it was important to securing the U.S. border with Mexico."

Unfortunately for those concerned about border security between Mexico and Minnesota, "Mexican trucks" will remain uninspected for illegal drugs or aliens.

The proposal was voted down.

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