Brooke Bass, ex-police union lawyer, might seek up to $7 million for private data breaches

If Brooke Bass's lawyer follows through on his threat to sue agencies for $10,000 for each time they accessed his client's private driver's license data, her case could end up making Anne Marie Rasmusson's look like child's play.

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That's because her attorney, Kenn Fukuda, claims Bass's private data was accessed more than 700 times by more than 100 agencies over the past eight years. As the Pioneer Press reports, if that's true, it would represent the largest private data breach case in Minnesota history.

Bass spent six years as a lawyer for Law Enforcement Labor Services, which is the state's largest police union. She now works as executive director of human resources for Rochester Public Schools.

Bass hasn't yet sued over the alleged data breaches, but in a letter sent to the city of Cottage Grove, Fukuda wrote, "we believe she is entitled to at least $10,000 for each occurrence."

If Bass ends up suing for that amount for each of the 700 alleged breaches, the total amount he and his client would be seeking is $7 million. By comparison, Rasmusson ended up receiving more than $1 million in settlements for roughly 600 unauthorized look-ups.

As part of Rasmusson's settlement with the state, the Department of Public Safety vowed to implement several new safeguards in hopes of preventing future cases of private data abuse. But in the meantime, individuals requesting data audits to see whether their license information has been accessed have turned up several new cases of abuse.

Jeff Montpetit, an attorney working on a data abuse lawsuit, told the PiPress, "You're going to see a lot of individuals who, once they have an audit done of their information, they're going to come back scratching their heads."

"It's a system that was fraught with abuse," he added.

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