Brodkorb cries on television

via Fox 9

Last Friday, a federal judge lifted a gag order that prevented Michael Brodkorb from talking about his affair with former MNGOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch, and before the weekend was through, Brodkorb gave interviews to Fox 9, MPR, the Star Tribune, and anybody on the street who would listen.

In the interviews, Brodkorb characterized the MNGOP's response to the affair as a "palace coup" designed to snatch power from "Koch and those close to her."

Sen. David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, denies there was a political component at work in the way the Koch-Brodkorb affair was handled, telling the Star Tribune that "you have to consider the source." Brodkorb's lawsuit against the Senate for wrongful dismissal is still active.

Political intrigue aside, Brodkorb expressed remorse for the strain the affair and its aftermath placed on his family, friends, and colleagues. During his interview with Fox's Tom Lyden, Brodkorb broke down in tears and said, "I want to unconditionally apologize to my friends and family, and others impacted by my decision, mistakes.... I will carry that for the rest of my life."

Brodkorb won't say whether he still has a romantic relationship with Koch, but either way, taxpayers are still getting screwed thanks to his lawsuit against the Senate.

The Senate has already spent more than $100,000 on legal fees pertaining to Brodkorb's suit. The judge's order lifting the gag notes that "no settlement was reached and no further settlement discussions are presently scheduled," so that figure will continue to balloon for the foreseeable future.

Wrestling with Transit Security

A couple of weeks ago, former WWE star Shawn Daivari choked out a belligerent passenger while riding on the Hiawatha Line to the airport.

Daivari said numerous people on the train hit the train's emergency help button when the disturbance began, but at the next stop, "nobody got on the train, so we knew there were no cops waiting to get on and help."

That characterization of the incident raised concerns about security on Hiawatha Line trains, but in an interview with City Pages, Metro Transit's PR manager, John Siqveland, gave a slightly different account of the incident and said officials handled the on-train smackdown the best they could.

Siqveland said the altercation began when a passenger boarded the southbound train with a bike at the Metrodome Station and tried to maneuver himself and his bike past the large man who ended up getting choked out by Daivari.

"An unruly passenger wouldn't let [the man with the bike] pass and was intimidating him," Siqveland said. "The situation escalated."

And it apparently escalated extremely quickly, because according to Metro Transit's account of the incident, the unruly passenger was dumped off the train by Daivari before the train left the Cedar-Riverside Station, which is the next one after the Metrodome and just two minutes away.

The train operator had been informed about the disturbance happening on the train by Metro Transit officials while it was en route to Cedar-Riverside. Before departing Cedar-Riverside, the operator could see that the unruly passenger was "removed from the train and is sitting there on the platform," Siqveland said. The operator notified police and the train continued southbound.

The unruly passenger boarded the next southbound train before police arrived, but officers were able to track him down and speak to him at the Lake Street Station. He was "uncooperative," Siqveland said. Police, unsure about what exactly happened on the train without eyewitness accounts, let him go.

"This was an incident without charges," Siqveland said, adding that details about the on-train altercation between a professional wrestler and the belligerent passenger only came to light when "the wrestler and TMZ shared the story."

Goat Sex

Human sexuality is a complex beast. The latest example comes from Grant Township in Washington County, where 37-year-old Abimael Dominguez is accused of having sex with a goat. He was busted after investigators went to the trouble of analyzing a DNA sample from inside the goat, which was found dead on a farm in early August.

For the alleged goat sexing, Dominguez faces animal cruelty and felony burglary charges that could land him in prison for five years. We called Washington County in hopes of obtaining Abimael's mug shot, but apparently his whereabouts are unknown. So beware, Twin Cities farm animals. 

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