Brock Lesnar's intestine was leaking into his stomach, UFC's Dana White says

In an interview with Yahoo, White says that Lesnar had a hole in his intestine and that waste was leaking into his stomach.

Yes, it is as disgusting as it sounds.

He had a hole in his intestine," White said. "The (stuff) was leaking into his stomach. That's what was causing him so much pain. That and he had abscesses.

"The doctor told him he hasn't been right for a year. His immune system has been trying to fight this thing and that's why he was susceptible to getting sick."

It turns out this was the underlying condition all along, and it left him vulnerable to infections, which explains the initial diagnosis of Flu then Mono then finally something intestinal.

Lesnar is scheduled to visit the world-renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester early next week for a battery of tests. White still cautions that Brock's future as a fighter remains unclear.

"We don't know if he'll ever fight again."