Brock Lesnar wins WWE championship [VIDEOS]

Lesnar hoists his newly won belts last night in Los Angeles.

Lesnar hoists his newly won belts last night in Los Angeles.

For the first time in nearly 11 years, University of Minnesota amateur wrestling legend Brock Lesnar is the WWE champion.

In the wake of his shocking Wrestlemania victory over the Undertaker, Lesnar destroyed John Cena in a glorified squash match last night at Summerslam to begin his fourth reign with the most prestigious title in professional wrestling.

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Despite his championship victory, there's no indication Lesnar, 37, plans to wrestle for WWE in anything more than a part-time capacity. That makes him the first non-full-time WWE champion since Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson held the title for a few months early last year.

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Coincidentally, both Lesnar and the young star many wrestling observers expect to take the title from him, Roman Reigns, took part in a Vikings training camp in unsuccessful attempts to make the roster as defensive linemen:
-- SI Vault (@si_vault) August 13, 2014 Here's highlights of Lesnar's victory over Cena:

And here's full video of the last couple minutes of the match:

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