Brock Lesnar reportedly 'rips apart' WWE dressing room following PPV double-crossing [VIDEO]

Brock is being portrayed as an out-of-control arm-snapper.
Brock is being portrayed as an out-of-control arm-snapper.

Just one month after his asskicking return to the WWE, Brock Lesnar is already the center of backstage drama.

Last Sunday, Brock wrestled his first WWE match in nearly eight years, a brutal affair against superstar John Cena on WWE's Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Though you might be surprised to learn that pro wrestling is fake, both Lesnar and Cena legitimately punched each other hard enough to draw blood, suggesting Lesnar might still be a little stiff following his tenure in UFC and that Cena was none too happy about being real-blasted by Brock.

In a move that was curious to the many observers who thought WWE should build Lesnar up as an indestructible monster, WWE booked Cena to pin Lesnar in his return contest. During the match, however, Lesnar wrenched Cena's arm with a Kimura Lock submission hold for an extended period, and the plan, reportedly, was for Cena to act afterward as though Brock severely injured him, making Brock look like a badass despite the loss. But that's where things got a little hairy.

After pinning Lesnar, instead of being wheeled away from the ring on a stretcher (which was reportedly the plan as far as Brock knew), Cena promptly picked up the microphone and began thanking the fans for their support. Some speculated that the bizarre promo, along with the arm-injury angle, was Cena's way of telling fans he'd be taking some time off, but the following night he was back on WWE TV, dispelling the taking-time-off notion.

Brock, watching Cena's promo from the back, reportedly became irate and trashed a locker room in rock-star fashion. From

Some think Cena doubled crossed Brock following their pay-per-view match last Sunday.
Some think Cena doubled crossed Brock following their pay-per-view match last Sunday.

According to several sources, Lesnar lost it on a number of WWE officials and began ripping apart a dressing room, upset over the John Cena promo that closed the PPV. The original plan was for Cena, despite winning, to be so beaten that he was carried out of the building, leaving an opening for Lesnar to brag that while he had lost the battle on a fluke, he had won the war. When Cena decided to address the audience, Lesnar perceived it as Cena double crossing him and lost it on WWE officials.

While it's unclear whether the locker-room incident reflected legitimate frustration on Brock's part or was actually just part of the show, the next night's events suggest Cena really did double cross Brock by not doing a better job selling the arm injury. In a highly entertaining segment (video below), Brock attacked wrestler-turned-WWE "CEO" Triple H, "breaking" his arm with another Kimura Lock. Brock's contract only calls for him to work two shows per month, so rumor has it the breaking-his-boss'-arm angle is a way to write Brock off WWE television for a couple weeks. It seems likely that Triple H's arm injury sell-job was what WWE writers had in mind for Cena following Sunday's PPV match with Lesnar.

Here's the video. I realize it's long, but the clip really does a great job capturing the spectacle that is professional wrestling. If you just want to see Brock "break" Triple H's arm, fast forward to about the 9:45 mark:

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