Brock Lesnar: "miracle" recovery from Diverticulitis [VIDEO]

Brock Lesnar today appeared on ESPN Sportscenter to address his longstanding mystery illness and the timeline for his return to the UFC.

Lesnar was originally misdiagnosed with Mono, which caused him to pull out of the Shane Carwin title defense. This seemed odd to him, because he remembered having Mono as a kid, and you're not supposed to be able to get it twice.

He collapsed in Canada and says he might have died for want of effective treatment if his wife didn't pick him up and bring him back to the U.S. (Brock Blames Canada)

He went home to Minnesota's Mayo Clinic for a second opinion, and doctors gave him eight hours on antibiotics to get better, otherwise they recommended surgery to remove his colon, which would have required him to have a colostomy bag for the rest of his life.

Lesnar's body responded to the challenge, and he went 11 days being fed intravenously, during which he lost 40-50 pounds from his 285 pound frame.

When he went back to the Mayo Clinic yesterday, Lesnar was fully healed, with no holes in his stomach.

UFC President Dana White says Lesnar's doctors told him, "You got a lottery ticket." He also confirmed Brock's claim that this was a "miracle healing."

White went on to announce that the fight between Shane Carwin vs. Frank Mir will be for the Interim heavyweight championship. Brock will face the winner of that fight this summer to unify the belts.

"I am still the UFC Heavyweight Champion," Lesnar says.