Brock Lesnar makes first WWE appearance in months, gets ass kicked by 43-year-old [VIDEO]

Triple H is older than Brett Favre, but we're supposed to believe he can still take Brock.
Triple H is older than Brett Favre, but we're supposed to believe he can still take Brock.

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-- Brock Lesnar makes kickass return to pro wrestling on WWE Monday Night Raw [VIDEO]

Brock's WWE return began with so much promise.

After the former U of M standout's UFC career ended at the feet and hands of Alistair Overeem last winter, Lesnar made an ass-kicking comeback to WWE this spring, laying out John Cena with a F5 during one of the hottest Monday Night Raw surprise appearances in recent memory. But Brock didn't look nearly as impressive getting beat up by a nearly 43-year-old Triple H last night on Raw 1000 during his first WWE appearance since late April.

Granted, Triple H is no run-of-the-mill 43-year-old -- dude is still jacked, and he happens to be the son-in-law of Vince McMahon, a.k.a. the Stalin of professional wrestling, so you know he can pretty much write his own script. But we're talking about a still-in-his-prime-or-close-to-it just-turned-35-year-old former UFC champ who recently returned to wrestling under the pretense of bringing back "legitimacy." We're supposed to believe Triple H, months removed from "breaking" his arm, can easily handle him? Sure, you need a well-trained ability to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy this stuff, but that's still pretty tough to swallow.

Brock, apparently content with being a WWE part-timer, was on Raw for two reasons: to make the much-hyped 1000th episode of Raw more of a star-studded spectacle, and to confirm/hype his upcoming SummerSlam match with fellow part-time wrestler Triple H. The Next Big Thing may have accomplished the goal in the first respect, but the hype for his SummerSlam match isn't nearly what it would've been had WWE writers not made the questionable decision to have Lesnar job to Cena in his April return match, thereby killing most of his heat.

In any event, here's the video of Brock's Raw 1000 segment, complete with Triple H's wife beating up Lesnar's agent. Did I mention you need to suspend disbelief to enjoy this stuff?

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