Brock Lesnar loses, then retires

Brock Lesnar is no longer an Ultimate Fighter

Brock Lesnar is no longer an Ultimate Fighter

Brock Lesnar retired from the UFC tonight after losing in the first round to Alistair Overeem.

Lesnar took a brutal liver kick that crumbled him to the ground, then Overeem continually punched Brock in the face until the referee called a halt to the bout.

Immediately afterward, Brock told Joe Rogan that it was the last time we would see him in the Octagon. He said he promised his wife and kids he would fight once more for the heavyweight title if he won, or would retire if he lost.
In his farewell speech, Lesnar said it's been a tough year for him dealing with his disease, Diverticulitis, for which he underwent surgery to remove a foot of his colon.

Brock never looked comfortable in the cage tonight. He never got off a credible takedown attempt, and instead chose to awkwardly stand and bang with Overeem, a K-1 Kickboxing champion who clearly had the advantage on his feet.

What's next for the former UFC heavyweight champion and U of M wrestling standout? Well, Wrestlemania is just around the corner, and the WWE has dangled offers to get "the Next Big Thing" back into the ring.