Brock Lesnar gets ass kicked by H1N1 swine flu

No man can beat him, but swine flu has knocked him on his ass

No man can beat him, but swine flu has knocked him on his ass

UFC Heavyweight champion and Minnesota resident Brock Lesnar announced that he will have to push back his upcoming title defense because he's sick with the H1N1 swine flu.

Lesnar had been scheduled to defend the heavyweight title against Shane Carwin at UFC 106 on November 21. Due to the illness, the bout will be pushed back to January 2.

According to UFC President Dana White, Lesnar is getting his ass kicked by the flu.

"He said he's never been this sick in his life," White said. "He said it's been going on for a long time and he just hasn't been able to shake it."

Carwin later confirmed the diagnosis of H1N1 via Tweet:

Looks like it is posponed till Jan 2. I had h1ni myself and I understand how devastaing it can be.

Lesnar is probably the most physically-gifted, in-shape human specimen in Minnesota. If he's getting knocked on his ass, I'm really starting to get scared of the H1N1.

UPDATE: Chris Tuchscherer, a member of Lesnar's training camp, told the Las Vegas Sun that while Lesnar hasn't been diagnosed with H1N1, that's what they strongly suspect it to be:

"He actually practiced (Sunday) and thought he might be feeling alright. He said, 'Wow, I think I'm doing OK today.' (Monday) he got here and it was the same old stuff - fatiguing right away, not being all there.

"After practice we were all sitting around, we were actually going to come back later at night to work out again, and he basically told us, 'Hey guys, I'm going to pull out of this thing.'

Tuchscherer said Lesnar began feeling flu-like symptoms about 25 days ago and didn't practice last week in the hope that rest would end the illness.

Although there's no confirmation that Lesnar has the H1N1 flu, commonly referred to as swine flu, Tuchscherer said he thought it seemed likely.

"There's a lot of cases of (H1N1 flu) around here. There are a lot of confirmed cases of it. I don't want to say it's that for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me."