Brock Lesnar diverticulitis surgery removes a foot of colon

Will Brock Lesnar be the same after surgery?

Will Brock Lesnar be the same after surgery?

Brock Lesnar has finally gone under the knife for his chronic diverticulitis.

The former UFC heavyweight champion thought he had the disease beat with medication and diet adjustments after it derailed him last year. But it became clear a few weeks ago that surgery was needed, and a foot of his colon was carved away on Friday.


News about the surgery comes as Lesnar has been giving interviews to promote his memoir, "Death Clutch."

He told popeater he made the move from WWE performing to real fighting with the UFC because he feared a future filled with pain and drugs.

I used vicodin and vodka. That was where I saw my life going, you look around the locker room and you see all these other performers that have been doing it for twenty years and I didn't want to be one of those guys.

No wonder the guy's guts were a mess.


UFC President Dana White says he expects Lesnar to make a full recovery: "He feels great. He's a little sore, but the operation was a huge success. We're hoping that he can be back by the first of the year. He's excited to recover and get back in the UFC."

That may be a tad optimistic. Having a chunk of one's innards removed is serious surgery for anyone, let alone a UFC fighter.