Bridget Cusick, Matt Entenza press secretary, leaves the campaign (UPDATED)

Bridget Cusick, press secretary for DFL gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza, is leaving the campaign.

When asked via twitter if her departure had anything to do with today's leak to the media that Entenza had asked outgoing Fox 9 news anchor Robyne Robinson to be his running mate, Cusick made clear the two events were unrelated.

Definitely not. Mutual decision made this a.m. All is well on both ends; I'll help the campaign any way I can in coming weeks and months.

Her successor, Jeremy Drucker, told City Pages something much to the same effect earlier today:

"It has nothing to do with any media stories going on," says Drucker. "This was in the process."

This morning, Cusick denied knowing anything about Entenza courting Robinson in an interview with Minnpost. Hours later, Robinson confirmed that Entenza indeed had asked her to be his running mate.

Drucker doesn't know where Cusick will go now that she's off the campaign, he says. "She's a good friend of mine and she's taught me a lot, so I wish her well."

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