Brian Morse Charged With Murder in North Minneapolis Double Homicide [UPDATE]

He was chased down by a cop who saw him fleeing the scene

He was chased down by a cop who saw him fleeing the scene

UPDATE 4/10 10:25 AM The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has identified the second victim as Eddie Pelmore, a 56-year-old north Minneapolis resident.

One of the victims in Wednesday's double homicide in north Minneapolis was just trying to sell some weed, according to charges filed late yesterday afternoon by the Hennepin County Attorney.

A man referred to as Witness A told police he drove the victim, who has not been identified yet, to a meet up near the intersection of 46th and Penn Avenues.

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The victim got into the back seat of a gold SUV to complete the transaction while Witness A waited in his car down the street. Soon, Witness A heard gunshots and saw two men leave the SUV and take off running.

Officer Gregory was in the area when a call went out over the radio about gunshots fired. He saw the two men running and took off after them.

Eventually the men separated, and Officer Gregory picked one to keep chasing. That man was Brian Morse.

Officer Gregory saw Morse, 21, ditch a 9 mm Smith and Wesson pistol in between two garages before catching up and arresting him. The pistol was recovered, along with multiple 9 mm casings from the crime scene.

Police say Morse's companion, Leland Ethridge, hopped on a bus to ditch the cops.

The bus driver noted he was acting suspicious and told cops about it when he heard about the shooting later. Ethridge has not been charged in connection with the homicides.

The alleged weed-selling victim has not been named, but the second victim sitting in the front seat has been identified as Odell "Pete" Meanweather Frazier by several media outlets.

"Family members said Frazier was getting his 6-year-old daughter ready for school when he walked outside to talk to a friend," according to the Star Tribune.

The father of nine entered the SUV and was shot dead shortly after that.

When Morse was brought in for questioning he "gave numerous explanations as to why blood was on his pants but denied that it came from either victim," according to the charges. Later Morse broke down, unprompted by detectives, and admitted he was there for the shooting.

Morse was allowed to call his uncle and his mom, but might've failed to realize cops would be listening in on those calls. He told his uncle he was with Ethridge at the time of the shooting and told his mom he ran from the cops and ditched a gun.

Morse has been charged with two counts second-degree murder-with intent not premeditated. A mug shot was not immediately available.

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