Brian Fitch Yells Obscenities at Judge After Being Found Guilty of Murdering Cop

Last night a Stearns County jury debated for nine hours before finding Brian Fitch guilty of all nine counts he was charged with stemming from the murder of Mendota Heights Police Officer Scott Patrick last summer.

After the verdict was read Fitch went off on Judge Mary Thiesen. Here's what he said, according to Fox 9: See also: Charges: Cop-killer Brian Fitch said, 'I Hate Cops and I'm Guilty'

"Thanks for your biased, a--, bull---- case," Fitch said. "Every single thing that came up. Every single objection, you overruled. This was such a freaking a-- set up."

The judge then ordered bailiffs to remove Fitch from the courtroom.

"You b----. Take me out. Don't stare at me, b----," he said.

Fitch was found guilty of first-degree murder -- which carries an automatic life sentence -- for shooting Patrick after getting pulled over in West St. Paul on the morning of July 30. He was also convicted of three counts of attempted murder for engaging in a shootout with police when he was captured near Rice and Sycamore Streets in St. Paul later that night.

Fitch survived after being shot eight times in the shootout.

Fitch interrupted the prosecutor's closing argument by shouting "overruled!" when the prosecutor said Fitch was "trying to take out as many officers as he could" during the shootout, according to KARE 11.

To end the drama-filled night Patrick's widow, Michelle, gave a weeping speech addressed to Fitch. From the Pioneer Press:

"I just want to say God bless Fitch," she said. "I hope he can come to the realization of what he has done. He has taken so much from us. He didn't need to. I just want to bless him and hope that he realizes what he's done. Amen to him."

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