Brian Dziubak drops his pants and gets tazed


Brian Dziubak socked his wife in the eye, left his pants in a gas station bathroom and ran half-naked down a West St. Paul street the other day. That's pretty shocking behavior, for which the cops brought him down with a Taser.

Dziubak's wife had a protective order against him because he'd beaten her up before. But she let him into their home on Charlton Street last week so he could pick up his belongings, and he overstayed his welcome. After he hit her in the eye, she called the cops.

Meantime, police took another 911 call, this time from a gas station on Robert Street South: A half-naked man had left his pants in the bathroom, stolen a can of pop from a cooler and taken off on foot -- no shoes.

The cops figured out the guy with his butt cheeks flapping in the breeze was Dziubak. When he tried to run away, one of them broke out the Taser.

It sounds like a highly charged arrest. By the time medics arrived, Dziubak was "screaming that he was dying, having a heart attack and that his clothing was burning him," and they had to fight with him to keep a blanket over his nether regions.

Dzubiak blamed his shocking behavior on dope: He told the cops he'd been smoking marijuana before is naked-ass semi-streak.

He's been charged with domestic abuse and violation of a protective order, both felonies, in Dakota County District Court.

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