Brian Dunn, former Best Buy CEO, pulled a Brodkorb

Land of 10,000 Lakes? In recent months, it's been more like the Land of Inappropriate Relationships.

The latest indiscretion comes courtesy of former Brian Dunn, the former Best Buy CEO who resigned on Tuesday morning. Dunn's resignation was originally portrayed as a "mutual agreement that it was time for new leadership to address the challenges that face the company," but just hours later the Star Tribune reported that the company's board of directors had begun an investigation into Dunn's personal conduct.

Today, the Strib's Tom Lee reports the the board is investigating whether Dunn "used company resources to carry on an inappropriate relationship with a female staffer." The staffer in question hasn't yet been named.

This afternoon, Best Buy's board announced it will publicly disclose the results of its investigation, despite the fact that Dunn has already been replaced by interim CEO G. Mike Mikan. Board spokesman Ron Hutcheson said the board may be ready to issue a report in a few weeks.

Reports indicate that there were multiple complaints about Dunn's behavior with the unnamed female subordinate. Best Buy hasn't confirmed the reports, but also hasn't denied them, even when directly offered the opportunity to do so.

All of this raises a question: Can't powerful Minnesotans find someone besides subordinates to scratch their itch for hot, inappropriate action?

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