Brian and Charity Miller lose parental rights after chaining 5-year old to crib, but no felony

Brian and Charity Miller lost their parental rights Thursday.

Mower County Judge Fred Wellmann took away the couple's two children forever due to child abuse in the home, according to published reports. The Millers pleaded guilty last year to abusing their children. They chained their five-year old child to a crib by the ankle every day and left him in a room that smelled like urine.

But prosecutors were only able to charge the Millers with a gross misdemeanor, and now they're out of jail.

Judge Wellmann ruled in favor of the county, which argued that terminating the Millers' parental rights was best for the child.

In related news, a child restraint bill inspired by the Millers' case is moving through the statehouse.

Sheriff Terese Amazi testified yesterday that it was the worst case of child abuse she had ever seen.

"In my 28 years in law enforcement, I have never seen a case like this one and I hope to never see one again," said the Mower County sheriff, according to the Austin Daily Herald. "I strongly support making this type of crime a felony."

Detective Steve Sandvik held up the chains at the hearing that the Millers used to restrain their child, the Daily Herald reports.

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