Brett Rogers hit with restraining order after menacing St. Paul neighbor

Brett Rogers is in trouble with the law again.

The failed MMA fighter was served with a restraining order this morning for harassing his St. Paul neighbors, whose son was bit by Rogers' dog. Rogers allegedly walks his dog in front of the neighbors' house to intimidate them. The restraining order also applies to Rogers' wife, who allegedly joins her husband in picking fights with the neighbors even though their children play together.

Ironically, Rogers' last run-in with the law was when he was arrested for beating his wife, Tiuana.

The harassment order prevents Rogers' family from having any contact with his neighbors, according to MMA Weekly.

If Rogers violates the order he faces a year in jail and a maximum $3000 fine.

Rogers, a product of St. Paul, has only had one fight this year, which he lost, against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett June 18.

After Rogers was arrested for stalking, third-degree assault, domestic assault by strangulation and endangerment of a child on June 29, he was released from his contract as a fighter with Strikeforce.

At the time of that arrest, Rogers' daughter, who witnessed the assault, told police that Rogers had abused his wife and his children in the past.

Brett Rogers arrested for domestic assault
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