Brett Rogers and Knock Out Dog Fighting


This week's issue features a profile of Brett "The Grim" Rogers, and his attempt to become the baddest man on the planet. While critiques are made of MMA, one fact remains that the competitors have a choice to get inside the cage. The same can't be said for dogs, especially ones previously owned by Michael Vick. That's why Rogers partnered up with when he brought home his newest member of the family, "Prince Buddy the Pit Bull."

At a recent practice in Eagan, the Prince was seen eating shoes and nibbling on bones while Rogers hammered out another sparring session with his coaches. (One that resulted in a near-knock-out.)

The addition of Prince Buddy to the Rogers family was a long time coming.

"It was one of those things I wanted to do," said Rogers. "I have my own place and felt like this was right place and time to do it."

The organization?

"You know with all the media and trouble with dog fighting. I'm one of those guys who loves animals."

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