Brett Favre's Twitter password intercepted


Just days after Brett Favre's official Twitter account went live, it was hijacked by an unknown "imposter."

Last Friday, Favre's website sent out an e-mail confirming that @BrettFavre4 has slipped from the former quarterback's grasp just like many of his poorly-thrown interceptions.

It's unclear whether the gunslinger will try a Twitter comeback with a different handle.

Fake Favre's tweets from the at-one-time-verified account were slightly off the wall, but not to the extent where they were easily identifiable as a phonies. Here's a few examples:

Days after the account was hijacked, Favre's official website stepped in to quash the notion the account might be real with the following statement:

Favre's propensity for interceptions apparently extends to Twitter passwords.
Favre's propensity for interceptions apparently extends to Twitter passwords.

"Greetings Brett Favre fans,

Please accept our sincere apologies regarding the information that we passed along regarding Brett's new Twitter account last Friday, March 2nd. Since Monday, March 5th an unknown party has taken over Brettfavre4 and has been tweeting without authorization. At this time neither Mr. Favre or ourselves have any idea who is tweeting for him on his account. It is most certainly NOT him or anyone he is associated with.

From Friday evening until Sunday night last weekend this account was the actual Brett Favre Twitter page, and was the actual Brett Favre, himself tweeting. The last REAL tweet from Brett was to Russell Wilson Sunday evening. Anything after this was an imposter that somehow gained access to his account and began posting bogus tweets. Once again we apologize, and if any news comes up surrounding this disaster we will inform you all immediately."

The statement prompted Fake Favre to come clean:

We're just amazed that someone would hijack Favre's account yet somehow resist the urge to send naughty pics to @jennifersterger.

-- Brett Favre joins Twitter, hilarity ensues

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