Brett Favre's post-game injuries revealed in graphic photos

Vikings quarterback Brett Favre looked like the victim of a hit-and-run accident following his last playoff game with the Saints, according to graphic photos recently released by his agent. A writer for the Clarion Ledger newspaper in Jackson, Mississippi, has posted two photos of Favre's post-game injuries, which he says were emailed from agent Bus Cook. In one, Favre's ankle looks like a golf ball has been surgically implanted under the vividly bruised skin. In the other, a grotesque, purplish bruise covers virtually all of the quarterback's thigh. Nasty.

You can take a gander here--but they're not for the squeamish.

Whatever you may think of Favre's head-banging interception at the end of the game, you'll probably have a new sympathy for Favre's ambivalence about returning for another season.

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