Brett Favre's penis revealed by Deadspin [UPDATE]

Not a good day to be a gunslinger.

Not a good day to be a gunslinger.

Update: Favre dodges questions about the photos. More after the jump.

Deadspin said they had the Brett Favre penis pictures, and today they offered evidence, posting images said to have been sent by the gridiron gunslinger to former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger.

They don't leave much to the imagination. They also don't include Crocs. Deadspin says the footwear visible in the shots is more likely to be a slipper.


And despite hyping the story since August, Deadspin also decided at the last minute to hedge its bets. It placed the money shots inside a video -- they appear at the very end -- and preface them with a question:

Update: Favre was asked about the photos at today's press conference with Randy Moss, and he ducked.

Near the end of the 12-minute question and answer session posted on the Vikings website, a reporter asked: "There's an e-mail report today that accuses you of sending some inappropriate text messages to a female employee of the Jets during your year there. Would you care to respond to those allegations?"

Favre took a swig of water and said, "No, I'm not getting into that. I've got my hands full with the Jets, and trying to get some timing down with our guys. So that's all I'm going to discuss."

You've been warned.

You've been warned.

"I've got my hands full with the Jets," he said.

Warning: The photos on the next page are graphic.

According to Deadspin, Favre and Sterger linked up when they both wore Jets green in 2008, setting up a phony MySpace account to trade phone numbers and messages. It was from this number that Sterger later received "the two voicemails and the three cock photos that we'll have for you tomorrow."

Deadspin heads off critics of its expose this way:

And, yes, there's a possibility that the person communicating with Jenn was not actually Brett Favre, but rather someone trying very hard to appear to be him. But let's look at the evidence: For an individual to put forth the effort to 1.) acquire a cellphone with a Mississippi area code; 2.) take some voice lessons; and 3.) implicate Jets handlers and perhaps other people, all within a very short period of time and for no discernible reason other than to mess with Sterger, well, that's some very aggressive role-playing. Jenn believed it to be him. Others believed it to be him. We've seen far too many supposedly family-oriented and upstanding professional athletes whose off-field behavior contradicts their well-manicured public persona. If Sterger is right, Brett Favre really is like a kid out there.

The scandal is perfectly timed as sports writers are buzzing about Randy Moss returning to the 1-2 Vikings in time for a showdown with the Jets Monday night.

The Vikings published the first photos of Moss and Favre working out today:

The Favre File: