Brett Favre's "honor" ruined: Comment of the day

Brett Favre's record-breaking streak for regular season starts, 297, ended as the Vikings took the field Monday night in Detroit.

We noted that whatever anyone thinks of his off-field problems -- and we've written about them at length - he played the game with honor.

"Bartleby" finds that a little creepy.

"And whatever many may think of him, he did so with honor..." Please. Whether or not Favre sent those text photos or harassed those massage therapists, the voicemails to Sterger made it clear that he made premeditated and aggressive attempts to cheat on his spouse. Only those with a wildly spinning moral compass will fail to admit that he was playing the role of the philandering creep. And now, before he's even attempted to absolve himself with that tired "I'm so sorry (I was caught)" routine we've learned to expect from public figures disgraced by some malfeasance or private infidelity, you want to restore the man his honor? What about that free pass all of us WEREN'T willing to extend to Tiger Woods or Larry Craig for their private infidelities?

Seems to me who we cheer for says something about us. Suppose you saw someone walking around in a Vick jersey the day after he was convicted of animal cruelty charges. Wouldn't you view that as a signal of identification, of support? Wouldn't you wonder if there must be something of the sadist in him? Remember a few months back during the ALDS when the questions surrounding A-Rod's character caused you to look at the fan in the A-Rod jersey and wonder that there must be something of the prima donna in him? If you don that Favre jersey "with pride", or write odes to the man that mistakes professional excellence for character excellence, why shouldn't I conclude that there must be something of the creep in you?

The Favre File:

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