Brett Favre's ESPY wasn't for "Best Dodged Career Decision"

If there had been an award at last night's ESPY's on ESPN for "Best Dodged Career Decision," Vikings QB Brett Favre would have walked -- limped -- away with it. But there wasn't. Nor did he convert nominations for Best NFL player and record-breaking performance. So he had to settle for "Best Play" together with WR Greg Lewis.

The moment: A 32-yard touchdown pass that beat the 49ers 27-23 at the Metrodome last season.

Which was nice. And after Lewis spoke first, Favre took to the microphone to praise his teammate:

"A lot of debate about better pass (or) better catch -- that was one heck of a catch. One heck of a catch, for a guy who, two plays prior to that is when he came into the game. It was just an awesome catch, awesome play.

And he commended his team, especially attendees Adrian Peterson and Bernard Berrian:

"Had a lot of fun at 40 years old. I still felt like I could do it. You guys made me believe it. And, I mean, it was just a magical year."

Drew Brees, the Saints QB who led his team to victory over the Vikings in last year's NFC Championship game -- the game in which Favre's ankle was crushed -- took home the Best Male Athlete nod, and the Saints won for Best Team.

That damned ankle. Favre still doesn't sound sure about it. "I'm not getting any younger but I am working hard trying to feel as best I can," he said last night during the show.

"It starts with the ankle. This coming Friday will be eight weeks [since the surgery] and I had hoped it would be a little bit better. I can walk fine but you don't walk in football. Then it kind of works from there up. If you wake up in the morning and your feet hurt it kind of makes the rest of your body hurt and if you've been sacked 700 times that usually adds to it."

Is coming back? He still won't say.

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