Brett Favre won't appear on Dancing With The Stars, according to his daughter Brittany

There has been rampant speculating all day long that just-retired Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre will be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars.

AOL is the latest to hop on the Favre-on-DWTS bandwagon, writing, "Last week, 'DWTS' alum and fellow footballer Kurt Warner told PopEater Favre was his pick to join the cast and this week, rumors say Favre is on the short-list."

But one person very close to Brett is saying those rumors are bunk: His daughter Brittany.

Brittany posted this tweet earlier today to her 3,831 followers, though few appeared to notice, save for the five people who retweeted it:

No to DWTS rumors... However, I feel like I would be a great candidate for Thintervention right about now.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android

Is it possible that she's just trying to throw the media off the scent?


But this is a lot more definitive than the speculation suggesting he might do DWTS.

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