Brett Favre unretiring to play for Eagles considered unlikely

Favre is still retired, as of this moment. Check back in a few minutes.

Favre is still retired, as of this moment. Check back in a few minutes.

Brett Favre will probably not unretire again to play for the Philadelphia Eagles, according to sources close to the team.

Favre's decision not to come back, or the Eagles' decision not to take him, would prevent the ultimate media explosion of the NFL's penis picture-taker joining up with its dog fighter, Mike Vick.

The Favre rumors started first with a Philadelphia radio host who said the Eagles were interested. Without confirmation from either party, Vick himself took the rumors seriously enough to tweet that he'd be happy to play with the former Vikings/Jets/Packers quarterback.

Now Vick's tweet, like the rumor of Favre playing for the Eagles, has disappeared. But with the NFL lockout at an end, and teams able to contact players again, expect to hear more and more as the Favre rumor mill begins churning yet again.


The rumor about Brett the Eagle started with Philly sports talker Howard Eskin, who said the team was looking to bring back the white-bearded 41-year-old who owns virtually every NFL passing record, and a slightly less glorious record of sexting.


The rumor quickly got Mike Vick's approval.

But Vick's tweet, captured and spread nationwide within hours, has since been deleted. When Comcast SportsNet asked Vick about the tweet, he smiled and said someone else must've written it on his account.

Today the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Favre's returning to the team is unlikely, with one team source saying "a lot of things would need to fall into place" for Favre to move to the Eagles.

So, Brett Favre has officially un-unretired. But there's still plenty of time for Favre to wait in Hattiesburg, Miss., and throw the old pigskin around with little kids, until the Vikings finally crawl back to beg him for one more year, wearing purple, yellow and black and blue.