Brett Favre talks in present tense about beating the Saints

He didn't say, "Geez, ya know, I really would have liked one more shot at beating the Saints."

He didn't say, "I might have been able to play at a high level for the Vikings."

No. He said, ''I would love to go beat the Saints. I know I can still play at a high level."

And so the great tea-leaf-reading game over Brett Favre's potential return to the Vikings for a 20th season in the NFL continues.

Favre made the comments to southern Mississippi newspaper Sun Herald sports writer Al Jones, after finishing an 8-mile, surgeon-ordered bicycle ride aimed at strengthening his recently repaired ankle.

As usual, he dodged the direct question.

''I just don't know. I do not want to stir the pot. If it (comment) comes from me, it's a big deal. At my age, all surgeries are major. The three I've had on the same ankle were considered minor, but major to me. It feels fine now.

"If my body was a wreck, the decision would be made. But that is not the case. I know they (Vikings) want to know.

Hey Brett, the fans want to know, too. So come on. Make up your mind.

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