Brett Favre starts Monday Night Football [VIDEO]

Favre returns, but takes a hard hit.

Favre returns, but takes a hard hit.

Neither snow nor gimp nor sprain in shoulder kept Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre from starting in tonight's oddball outdoor Monday Night Football match against the Chicago Bears at TCF Bank Stadium.

The start meant Favre tied the NFL record for the most starts after turning 40 years old. But he didn't last long.


Favre came out to warm up in the driving snow, barely recognizable because he had so much clothing on, and threw a series of short and long passes before walking back inside.


Then the Vikings made it official:

QB Brett Favre is active and will start tonight.less than a minute ago via web

To which the Bears said, pretty much, who cares? The Vikes ended the first quarter down 10-7. And when Favre came back on in the second quarter, he was sacked hard and walked off with a head injury. (Was Chris Kluwe right?)


By the half, the Bears led 17-7. And then Joe Webb stepped forward:

Joe Webb is in at QB for the Vikings.less than a minute ago via web

The rookie QB, who ran in one 13-yard touchdown, was never the less no match for the seasoned Bears. And as the field slowly turned white with snow, Chicago ran up the points, crushing the Vikings 40-14 to win the NFC North title.

All Favre could do was helplessly watch from the sidelines.