Brett Favre spoofed: "What should I do?" [VIDEO OF THE DAY]

Not the real Brett Favre: What should he do?
Not the real Brett Favre: What should he do?

Remember the infamous LeBron James "What should I do?" Nike commercial? The one where he looks in the camera and asks, "Should I admit that I've made mistakes? Should I admit that I've done this before? Should I give you a history lesson? What should I do?"

Now imagine the words coming from Brett Favre, spiced up with penis jokes, cell phones, and crotch shots. Need help? Watch this:

Favre wants to be remembered for the totality of his remarkable career on the field. But this spoof and other spoofs (see below) suggest that his penchant for retiring, his flair for the dramatic, and his embarrassing contact with women other than his wife, will follow his stats into the record books.

Here's the LeBron spot, for reference:

The Favre File:

Hat tip: SBNation.

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