Brett Favre sexting story eclipses 500th TD pass

Brett Favre broke two big records last night, despite leading the Vikings to a 20-29 loss against the Jets.

He's now the first player in NFL history to throw 500 (and 501, and 502) touchdown passes, and the first to reach 70,000 yards passing.

Those are impressive personal numbers (even as his team slipped to 1-3). But the numbers of real concern to NFL officials right now are the one's on former Jets sideline personality Jenn Sterger's telephone.

League officials have launched a fast-track investigation into whether Favre sexted her lewd photos when both were with the Jets in 2008. And whether he treated two masseuses in a less than dignified manner that year, too.

That subplot ran through last night's lightning and rain-delayed game like a gathering a storm.

Pre-game coverage yesterday was all about Favre admitting that his reputation was on the line.

Then he broke into tears during a team meeting prior to the game, apologizing for the distraction he's brought to the struggling Vikings. "Carry me," he implored.

And while a pre-game sideline camera hovered around him, ESPN's Monday Night Football crew told viewers that Favre refused to speak with them about the allegations. He hasn't yet spoken with the NFL, and that disciplinary measures were in the offing if the allegations are proven true. He may also have hired a lawyer.

After the game, Favre didn't want to talk about the investigation either, saying, "If you want to talk about what happened in the football game tonight, I'd love to."

It's all a far cry from August, when Favre graced the cover of Men's Journal and declared himself the happiest man in the world.

It feels like years since he was goaded out of Hattiesburg in August for one more season.

And it was only last week that he got his wish and Randy Moss reported for duty in Winter Park. Fittingly, it was Moss who caught Favre's 500th touchdown pass.

But the Vikings are now 1-3. And while Favre is arguably one of the best QB's ever to have played the game, he's also a 41-year-old grandpa with a sketchy throwing arm. He leads the league in fumbles. And now he has to cope with this scandalous story.

Some fans, maybe even Favre himself, may be wondering whether the gunslinger should have stayed in Hattiesburg when he had the chance.

The Favre File:

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