Brett Favre says "I'm done, I'm done"

Believe him?

Believe him?

Brett Favre was asked at a press conference today whether, taking this dismal Vikings season into account, he'd given any thought to coming back next year and trying to end his career on a better note.

"I'm done. I'm done," he replied.



Q: And we should believe you?

A: I'm done. I'd love to, as I said when I came back I'm here to win a Super Bowl, we had big expectations, it hasn't gone the way we hoped up to this point, but again, my career speaks for itself. I think it's been a great career. I don't know how the remaining games will unfold but that's it.

Q: How do you mentally get right? You can say "I'm done," but how do you mentally get right with being done?

A: Wasn't expecting that question. It's kinda deep. I don't know. I know when I look back, and maybe it's next year, people say, 'Will you watch games?' I'm sure I'll watch some. But for me, everything that I could possibly accomplish, I've accomplished.

Everything? Really? Aren't we forgetting something?

Watch the whole press conference by clicking here.