Brett Favre says he won't play next season. Should we believe him?

Retiring? Seriously?

Retiring? Seriously?

We've heard it all before. Brett Favre says he's done playing at the end of the season.

The latest version of the oft-repeated saga: Yesterday, he shook his head and said, "No," when asked by Steve Mariucci on the NFL Network whether he'd be back in 2011.



This is a guy who retired from the NFL as a Packer and ended up playing for the Jets. Then he retired again, only to show up in Minnesota. Last last year it looked like he'd retired a third time, only to be cajoled back to the Vikings after a full-court press.

Maybe this time he really means it. It's hard to imagine that the thought hasn't crossed his mind more than once this year, between injuries, the Vikings' 3-5 season to date, and l'affaire Sterger.

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