Brett Favre prop bets -- gamble on the newest Viking

As soon as news broke that Brett Favre would play for the Vikings, degenerate gamblers started coming up with odd bets in an attempt to cash in on the excitement surrounding No. 4's return.

You can find a whole page of Favre proposition bets here. Some of the more interesting props after the jump.

Well Brett Favre fail his Vikings physical? Yes +500 (meaning a $5 bet pays $25 if Favre fails--fat chance).

OK, now that you know how to read the odds, here's the betting lines:

Brett Favre Total Passing yards

Over 3350 Yards -130

Under 3350 Yards -110

Brett Favre Total TD Passes

Over 21½ TD Passes -120

Under 21½ TD Passes -120

Brett Favre Total INTs

Over 19 INTs -120

Under 19 INTs -120

Will Brett Favre Retire after this Season

Yes -200

No +150

Will Brett Favre make the NFC Pro Bowl Team

Yes -120

No -120

Vikings win/loss record vs the Packers in 2009

2-0 -140

1-1 Ev

0-2 +300

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