Brett Favre on ill-fated 2010 comeback: "The money was too good"

Favre's 2010 season -- and, as it turns out, career -- didn't end well.
Favre's 2010 season -- and, as it turns out, career -- didn't end well.

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Think again, Vikes fans who thought the Minnesota Purple occupied a special place in the ol' gunslinger's heart.

Favre's disastrous 2010 comeback was pretty much all about the money, the 42-year-old retired quarterback told Deion Sanders during a radio appearance yesterday.

"The money was too good... I hate to say it's about the money, but I felt the money was a lot," Favre said.

Coming off a magical 2009 that ended with a soul-crushing, Bounty-gate tainted loss to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game, Vikes management had to put up with Favre's trademark will-he-play-or-won't-he-play waffling throughout the spring and summer of 2010. After a plane full of Vikes veterans flew to Mississippi for some late-summer sweet-talking, Favre finally agreed to a one-year, roughly $20 million contract, and hopes for the squad were high headed into the season.

But the 2009 magic was gone. Favre suffered through an injury- and interception-plagued 2010 season that may have been the worst of his career. His season -- and, as it turns out, his career -- ended with him lying motionless on the FieldTurf of TCF Bank Stadium, his brain concussed after a sack by Bears lineman Corey Wootton. Here's the clip of Favre's final play:

As much as that looks like it sucks, keep in mind that with a $20 million contract, Favre probably made a few thousand bucks for taking that hit. Was it worth it? During his radio appearance, Favre didn't exactly answer that question, but he did say that when he flew north to Minnesota in August 2010, he had a premonition that bad things were in store for him and the Purple.

"I don't know too many grandpas that have had a lot of success leading us to the Super Bowl," Favre said. "I knew this wasn't gonna end good."

"The guys, I kinda felt like, even though I knew it was gonna be next to impossible (to repeat 2009) -- I wouldn't tell them (that) -- Sidney (Rice) and Jared (Allen) and Big Hutch (Steve Hutchinson) and Adrian (Peterson), they were like, 'Hey, unfinished business,'" he added.

"And I just knew that it probably was finished, but I did feel like if I didn't try it (I'd regret it)."

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