Brett Favre is America: Seattle Insider Responds


Earlier in the week, we came across a photo of Seattle's Michael Fox, the ace television reporter for their local CBS affiliate, wearing a Brett Favre jersey. It gave more credence to our theory that Brett Favre is more than the quarterback of the Vikings: Brett Favre is America.

Well... thanks to Google Alerts, the Jason DeRusha of the Emerald City responded to City Pages. What follows is a testament to America, and how tough life can be for a Favre fan in the city of Frasier Crane.

How do Favre fans survive in a place like Seattle? For reals, that place seems about as American as the Louvre...

It is not easy to be a Brett Favre fan in Seattle. Last Sunday, I was venturing down to Pike Place with the Favre jersey. (It's part of my Sunday ritual: Get up. Thrown on jeans, Chuck Taylors, long sleeve shirt with my Brett Favre jersey over the top, along with two wristbands. I'm very superstitious about Brett Favre...) Anyway, wearing it in Pike Place gets you some strange looks. Not because of the outfit so much as people are serious about the Seahawks. It's quite an adventure being a Brett Favre fan in Seattle. It's rough living.

So they actually sit down on Sunday and watch football in Seattle? Instead of something like cyclocross?

Yes. I pin down 3-4 hours to watch football on Sunday. It's part of my routine. And on a game day down by [Qwest Field] there are tons of Seahawk fans tailgating and drinking at bars before they stumble over to the stadium. There are a good amount of inspired football fans in Seattle.

Do these Seahawk fans give you grief for supporting the world's greatest quarterback since Fran Tarkenton?

Yes. Another story I should tell: Just last year I went to my first NFL game. It was when Favre and the visiting New York Jets were playing the Seahawks. It was a snowy day in late December and Seahawk fans were throwing snowballs at me. They were harassing me because I was wearing a Green Bay Favre jersey, saying stuff like, "Hey didn't you hear Favre got traded?" Then Seahawk fans started throwing snowballs at Brett Favre?! That tore me apart. Then they continued to throw snowballs at me as I left the stadium. It's not an easy environment for a Brett Favre fan.

Can Seahawk fans actually find a way to cheer for Matt Hasselbeck?

There are a lot of fans without hair and they cheer for him. Seahawk fans are relentless in support of Matt Hasselbeck. It's a lot of people jumping on the band wagon. Him and his wife even do advertisements for Infinity [luxury cars] on the radio. I don't have any scientific data on it, but I certainly think there are more Infinity cars on the streets because of the Hasselbecks.

That's disgusting.

It's very, very troublesome. The Seahawks continue to do worse and worse, and at some point fans will stop supporting him. But as far as I can tell that hasn't happened.

What does Seattle picture when they think of Minnesota? (And you can't answer Garrison Keillor.)

Umm... Cold... Pale skin... Minnesota Timberwolves and Kevin Love.... Mosquitoes... Randy Moss... Randle Cunningham if you're going the football route... I mentioned cold... Big jackets... It's not a place that is at my top list of places to visit.

You forgot Lutherans...

...Are there any Minnesota Vikings bars around town?

Haven't been able to find any. Truthfully, I haven't made a huge effort in seeking this out. Once in a while I'll see a Vikings jersey, but those are few and far between. There are very few Brett Favre jerseys around town. Seattle folks just don't want to go there yet.

Does wearing a Brett Favre jersey make you feel more American? For example, does it encourage you to do American things like mow the lawn, slap sawdust on your Wranglers, and pretend to read Going Rogue?

Yes. Wearing a Brett Favre jersey makes me free to be an American. It certainly inspires me to mow a lawn, wear my holey jeans--the closest to Wranglers a Northwesterner can wear--crack open a Miller High Life on the 15th floor of my downtown Seattle apartment and scream at the top of my lungs when Brett Favre throws a touchdown. I never feel more American than that.


Well, yeah. I mean, I planned my entire vacation around a Brett Favre football game. And just that makes me feel closer to America.

Who will win the battle this weekend? Brett Favre and the Vikings or Larry Fitzgerald Jr. and the Arizona Cardinals?

Arizona is coming off a tough defeat at Tennessee. They have revenge on their minds and are playing at home in the sun. Fitzgerald is one of the toughest receivers in the NFL, so they'll have to limit him. And I'm not sure if Kurt Warner is playing, but Matt Leinart is an up and comer. It's hard... if Minnesota sticks to their game--they do have arguably the top running back in the NFL--it will be 35-28 Vikings in a shootout.

Finally, is Brett Favre America?

Absolutely. I've talked a lot about it with co-workers, my friends and family. If Brett Favre isn't America... I don't know what is? He's all about hard work, resiliency, playing through pain, experiencing loss and coming back and getting success. Everything he stands for is something young children can use in their life to be better Americans.

Anything else?

I try and do a slow jog once a day. And at the end of the run I get tired. But I also think about Brett Favre and how Brett is 40-years-old and still playing in the NFL. If he can do that I can sprint out the final leg.