Brett Favre is America


Brett Favre dismantled the Chicago Bears last Sunday. His gun-slinging gave the purple and yellow a 10-1 record. But not everyone is celebrating. This morning people were talking about the New Orleans Saints, and how they will probably beat us in the championship game. It seems like such people don't understand that Brett Favre isn't just the quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre is America. You need proof? Here it is...

Reason #2: There are Brett Favre fans walking the streets of Seattle, the least American city in America.

Think about it: a Favre football fan in Seattle. That's like a Subaru driver in Detroit. It doesn't make any sense. This is a twisted place where people still refer to Brock Huard as a god, a place where Matt Hasselbeck is king, and a place where American born citizens (They claim) come by the thousands to watch men play soccer. That a Brett Favre fan can survive in such circumstances is proof that just wearing a Favre jersey provides you with an impenetrable shield of USA magic.

And about that young guy in the photo. His name is Michael Fox. He's a reporter for the local CBS station. They call him the "Seattle Insider." Think of him as the Jason DeRusha of the Emerald City. And yes, he is a fan of Brett Favre. No clue why or how this came to be... but it's proof once again that Brett Favre is America, even in Seattle.

(No clue about the old dude. He's probably from Burien.)