Brett Favre cheesed at Men's Journal "drama queen" quote [VIDEO]

It can't be any fun when you're a big shot NFL star and your personal manager tags you as a "drama queen" in a cover story for a national magazine. But that's what Bus Cook said about Brett Favre in the latest edition of Men's Journal.

Writer Stephen Rodrick spent time with Favre and Cook last spring at the moment just after Favre had e-mailed ESPN's Ed Werder to say he needed ankle surgery, and caught Cook at full-tilt boogie.

"Brett talked to goddamned Ed Werder at ESPN, says he needs ankle surgery. Now why did he do that? I've got Childress calling. I've got reporters calling all damn morning. Goddammit, why does he have to be such a goddamned drama queen," Cook told Werder. "Play, don't play, goddamn, people are getting sick of it. I'm getting sick of it. Why does he have to talk to these people. What good does it do? Ed Werder at ESPN! What's he ever done for anybody other than say, 'Look, look, Mommy. I go this first, ain't I special?' You got problems with surgery, talk to your wife. Why talk to goddamned Ed Werder?"

A TV news crew in Hattiesburg caught up with Favre right after a workout with the local Oak Grove High School football team, and asked him about the "drama queen" quote. Rodrick missed the flavor of the moment, Favre said.

"I filmed a Wrangler commercial that day, we joked around. Really, it was a joking-around day," Favre told WDAM-TV. "You know Bus, you know me. We opened up our family lives to (the writer). I guess the lesson to be learned is, I hate to even say it, it's just that you can't trust anybody. That's not the way I was raised."

He continued: "When you hear those things, I'm not immune to any of that stuff. That's painful. I have two girls, and I think they know their daddy pretty well. I want them to think the world of me and not hear all these things that are negative and untrue more than anything."

Oh. And in case you're wondering, he still hasn't officially decided whether he'll return to quarterback the Vikings for the upcoming season.

Here's the video. First he talks fondly about the local football coaches, and being 14 pounds overweight. Talk about the Men's Journal article comes in at 1:23 minutes.

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