Brett Favre appears to be aging in dog years, but still looks good [PHOTOS]

Last week, Brett Favre, now working as a high school offensive coordinator, helped coach Oak Grove High to the team's first-ever Mississippi state championship.

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No, the image at the top of this post isn't one of those age-enhanced deals meant to give you an idea of what the ol' gunslinger will look like when he's 70. It's actually a shot of the now 44-year-old Favre taken during last Friday's championship game.

Compare that with this photo of number 4 taken during one of his last appearances in purple back in December 2010:

Favre has certainly aged since he finally retired from the NFL a little less than three years ago, but he still looks pretty good, doesn't he?

He's also still indecisive. The Washington Post reports that Favre isn't sure whether he'll return for another season with Oak Grove. (Wouldn't it be incredible if he was brought onto the Vikings coaching staff in some capacity? Make it happen, Zygi!)

It's comforting to know some things in this topsy-turvy world never change, isn't it?

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