Brent Lunde Nails $50,000 Shot During Intermission at UMD Hockey Game

He made it look easy

He made it look easy

At last Friday night's University of Minnesota Duluth men's hockey game, Brent Lunde signed up for a chance to compete in the intermission hockey shot challenge on a whim en route to the concession stand. An hour later he was $50,000 richer.

"At first I thought it was like a Subway shootout, like when people compete for a shot at a free sandwich," said his wife Erin. "Then when they said 50 grand, it was like, whoa."

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A lifelong hockey player from neighboring Hermantown, Lunde stepped up and confidently skipped the puck right through the small hole 114 feet away. He said they plan to save the money for their 15-month-old son and new baby, who is due in six weeks.

They were pulling that board out blocking the net and I thought, 'Yeah, no chance,'" said Lunde, who still plays boot hockey twice per week. "I've been on skates since I was four, five years old and that's definitely the biggest goal I ever scored."

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