Brenda Sanchez of Apple Valley faces 10 years for subscribing neighbor to 23 magazines

Sanchez gets an A for creativity, but failing marks for execution.
Sanchez gets an A for creativity, but failing marks for execution.

Upset with her Apple Valley neighbor, Branda Sanchez devised a creative scheme to get back at her: signing her up for 23 magazine subscriptions to the tune of $520.

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But police eventually figured out that Sanchez, 50, was behind her neighbor's magazine deluge, and now she faces two counts of felony stalking that could land her in prison for as much as a decade.

The Star Tribune conveys a bit of the background story:

[Sanchez's neighbor, 55-year-old Laine Anderson] said the trouble started when she tried to talk to Sanchez about her two dogs urinating and defecating in her yard. After talking to Sanchez many times without success, she said, she went to the homeowners association.

After a weekend trip up north in late November, Anderson said she arrived home to a note in her mailbox telling her to pick up her mail at the post office. When she did, the clerk brought out a bin full of magazines.

As she called to cancel each of the subscriptions, Anderson said she asked for the subscription cards. Police were able to compare the handwriting on the cards to the handwriting on a letter Sanchez had sent to the homeowners association. The samples matched.

Apple Valley police Capt. Mike Marben said many of the magazines weren't cheap. The Danbury Mint, for example, cost $106.50.

Sanchez eventually confessed to being the mastermind behind the magazine subscriptions, telling police, "I did them all," WCCO reports. She was charged with the felonies by summons.

In a fitting twist given her motives, it appears Sanchez signed Anderson up for the most painful-to-read magazines imaginable, including Diesel Power, MuscleMag, Snowmobiler, and UFC 360, according to the Strib. So if the punishment is going to fit the crime, maybe Sanchez should be forced to actually read the suckers and write reports on the finer aspects of topics like diesel engine maintenance while behind bars.

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