Breastfeed in style at future Minnesota Vikings games

These sweet "lactation suites" are going into TCF Bank Stadium next month.

These sweet "lactation suites" are going into TCF Bank Stadium next month.

Society is in debt to anyone who altruistically swears off booze (at least mostly) for nine months. Afterward when they push an eight-pound ball of tears and feces out of the most sensitive part of their bodies, tacitly pledging to nurture it for 18 years, their saintliness is certified.

So whenever there’s something nice we can do for moms beyond giving them a janky hand-made card, we do it.

In that love-ya-ma spirit, the pro-mom Minnesota Vikings are stepping up their game.

Strapping a baby to one’s teat amid a sea of beer-spilling, nacho cheese-dripping football crazies probably isn’t ideal. So to make nursing moms more comfortable at the games, the team is adding two breastfeeding pods at TCF Bank Stadium. Designed by Mamava, a company aimed at helping women “achieve their breastfeeding goals,” the 4-by-8 foot “lactation suites” give mothers dearest a private place to pump or breastfeed their kids besides a bathroom stall or first aid rooms.

“I think it’s a great idea,” says Lynn Peterson-Huber, mother of two and diehard Minnesota sports fan. “Like people want to do it in front of other people or in a bathroom.”

The Oakdale woman’s kiddos are now past breastfeeding years, but she says it can be tough finding a comfortable place at large-scale events to drain the ol’ mammary glands. While her 7-year-old went to his first Vikings game last Sunday, Peterson-Huber was carting them to Twins games before they could say “Let it Sano” and would have benefitted from a breastfeeding chamber.

“I’m not the person who would just put a towel over in a public place,” she says.

The purple lactation stations are slated to be up and pumpin’ by the Vikings’ October 18 game against the Kansas City Chiefs and will be open during Gophers games and other events, too.

The announcement follows a WCCO story last week, which had a local lactation consultant (a real job, we Googled it) judge the breastfeeding setups at Target Field, Target Center, Xcel Energy Center, and TCF Bank Stadium. The suckling sage determined that the Bank’s first aid room – where mamas are stuck on a cot, presumably a curtain away from some drunk who fell down the stairs – was subpar.

Per ‘CCO, it sounds like Target Center is the best place to let little Johnny hit the nip.

For U.S. Bank Stadium, the Vikings say they’re exploring a nursing zone that will keep moms “connected to the game,” which we assume means TVs and speakers blasting “Pump Up the Jam.”