BREAKING: Wolves are fishing! [VIDEO]

This wolf is more Minnesotan than all your neighbors who moved here from lame nearby states.

This wolf is more Minnesotan than all your neighbors who moved here from lame nearby states. Voyageurs National Park

Wolves are just like us.

Especially if you're a Minnesotan, or a resident of any corner of the Upper Midwest, and enjoy either dropping a line in freshwater on occasion -- or simply feasting on someone else's work on the water.

Last week we learned how wolf packs roam. Turns out they move around a lot, not unlike some members of their distant and rather demanding mammalian cousin, the human being. There are about 68,000 of these puppies runnin' around in one area of northern Minnesota, per University of Minnesota and Voyageurs National Park researchers.

As you can just about imagine, all that walking leaves you with something of an appetite.

And what better way to sate one's burning hunger in northern Minnesota than eyeing the water from the shore and, when the time is right, getting your feet a little wet? Wolves know what's up. Fish is really high-quality protein, and is also high in healthy fats. They're small, and their small minds and predictable routines make them fairly easy to catch. 

Just watch this video below. If it doesn't convince  you wolves should be granted full citizenship (including voting rights) in Minnesota, we don't know what will. Note how the act is less like the "wait for it with a gaping maw" trap grizzlies run on salmon, and more like the "wait for my moment with cunning and sharp objects" of a loon. That's our state bird, the loon.

Based on this video, maybe the wolf should be our official state mascot. Maybe it already is?

We at City Pages are happy to know our wolf population is joining the rest of us in dining out on the state's many, many fish. We'd tell these wolves to try deep-frying it... but from the looks of it, maybe it's us who oughta be taking our cues from furry friends. 

First ever video footage of wolves hunting freshwater fish

Watch the first ever video footage of wolves hunting freshwater fish (to our knowledge). Turn up the volume so you can hear the wolves chase, catch, and crunch spawning suckers! We (a collaborative group of researchers from Voyageurs National Park and Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology - Univ. of Minnesota) captured this nighttime footage near Voyageurs National Park with remote cameras in spring 2018. While wolves are known to hunt spawning salmon in marine coasts, this is one of the only observations of wolves hunting freshwater fish in creek and stream networks of boreal ecosystems like Voyageurs. See our publication “Do wolves hunt freshwater fish in spring as a food source?” ( for more information & another video. If you want to see more content like this, follow or like our Facebook page!

Posted by Voyageurs Wolf Project on Wednesday, December 12, 2018